Tips For Commercial Carpet Cleaning

There are many advantages to keeping the carpets in your business premises clean. These include contributing to a healthier working environment for employees as the removal of dust and allergens reduces health issues significantly. And improving the first imressions for your business. The overall condition of your office reflects your work ethic – and will impact both staff and customers alike. See a range of tips for commercial carpet cleaning here…

Do-it-yourself options

Office carpet cleaning tips include:

Using an area rug

To further minimize stress and strain and soil buildup on your main office carpet, place area rugs at entrances and exits. Encourage staff and clients to wipe their feet on these rugs when they approach the office room.

Choosing a suitable carpet type

If the carpet is hard wearing and neutral in color, carpet cleaning is much easier to do yourself. Browns and greys are smart paint options because they not only look smart and professional, but they also mask stains better than lighter hues. Keep in mind that you’ll need to figure out if the carpet should be washed with a wet solution or whether it has to be dry cleaned to avoid shrinkage.

Vacuuming regularly

Your carpets will last much longer the more you vacuum. Abrasive materials such as grit and other debris can build up and then become crushed into the carpet fibers. Apart from damaging the surface, this can also dull the appearance, making the area look unattractive and dreary. During bad weather or on days with extra footfall, you may need to vacuum several times a day.

Not eating or drinking in the office

Make sure that you have a kitchen or rest area away from the office area with a bin on site. This keeps the office looking professional at all times. It also eliminates crumbs and spilled drinks from soiling the carpet – adding to your workload.

Choosing commercial carpet cleaning services

Look for a commercial carpet cleaning service that provides anti-static odor control and uses a low moisture process. This ensures that your carpets will be dry enough to walk on in much less time.

Skilled carpet cleaners can be well-versed with modern cleaning procedures and use heavy-duty equipment to complete the work. Until performing the deep cleaning process, the spots will be pre-treated as required with suitable stain removal solutions.

Experts use hot water extraction to agitate both soil and debris by inserting a water and detergent mix deep into the carpet fabrics. This is then extracted along with nearly all of the moisture, leaving the carpets clean and refreshed.

You’ll be able to schedule an appointment at a time that suits your business without disrupting your routine. And you can take advantage of weekly, monthly, or bi-annual cleans to keep your carpets in tip-top condition. You can focus on running your business whilst leaving essential carpet and rug cleaning to the experts – saving you both time and mone.

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