Hardwood Floor Cleaning


Have your hardwood floors seen better days? Dirty hardwood floors are dusty, stained, and bring down your entire home’s appearance. And even if you want to clean them yourself, you have to do so with extreme care — otherwise, you risk damaging your floors and causing expensive problems. Don’t go another day looking at dead, dirty hardwood floors.

For a professional hardwood floor cleaning experience, we’re the ones to call. With top-of-the-line hardwood floor cleaning equipment, we can restore your hardwood floor to its original luster. Keep your bucket and mop in the closet and tap on one of the buttons below for help cleaning your hardwood floors!

  • Extend the life of your floors with a protective finish that keeps stains & dirt out
  • Enjoy a cleaner home free of dust, dirt & allergens living on your floors
  • Love your hardwood floors again with a bright, shiny & glossy look


At Presto Carpet & Tile Cleaning, we stand by work 100%. In the nearly 20 years in this business, we can count on one hand the number of refunds we’ve given. We’re confident in our services — and confident that you’ll love the results we acheive for you!